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What payment methods are available?

Payroll deduction (if we have a relationship with your employer) or debit order.


What do I do if I leave my company?

We automatically switch you over to debit order for the remainder of your contract/s term.


Can I keep my number on contract?

Yes, your number would need to be on prepaid prior to the port activation.


Why am I asked for my ID number and proof of residence?

As it is a requirement for the RICA and telecommunications act.


Can I transfer my Airtime Value to someone else?

Contract loaded airtime cannot be transferred to other numbers; however prepaid airtime can be transferred. 


Why was my first recharge less than what I agreed to on contract?

Your first recharge is pro-rata, which is a portion of the full amount depending on when your contract was activated in the month.


I have 2 contracts with Mobi Warehouse and would like all my airtime to go on 1 number, is this possible?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.


What happens if I would like to cancel my contract?

You would need to pay all outstanding monthly subscriptions for cancellation.


Do I need to RICA?

Mobi Warehouse will RICA all lines on your behalf, it is not necessary for you to RICA any lines.


Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, a delivery charge is may be applicable to your order if not otherwise specified.


Does my monthly charge include insurance on my phone?

No, the onus is on the subscriber to ensure that his/her phone is insured.


When can I upgrade my contract?

All contracts can be renewed from the 23rd month of the contract.


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